How to Think like a Philosopher: Dr Taimur Rahman LIVE with S&T

This video is also available in smaller parts, please check the following playlist:…

A thought provoking discussion with Dr Taimur Rehman on philosophical thinking such as the following:
01:15 What is Philosophy?
02:14 What are different types of philosophy?
06:25 Difference between philosophers’ and common person’s thinking? 10:25 Difference between a philosopher and a scientist?
21:42 How to think like a philosopher?
27:15 How to encourage critical thinking?
41:00 Evolution of philosophy in recent history, and how it couples with AI development?
49:05 What is the philosophy of science and role of philosophy in paving the way of scientific thinking?
1:06:00 History of Laal band and how it was founded?
1:12:00 How difficult it is to encourage Is philosophy still relevant in sciences or has it been replaced by scientific method?
1:22:00 How to respect and promote “difference of opinion” in our scoeity? Link to the playlists on YouTube regarding Philosophy by Dr Taimur Rahman:… A quick intro of his persona:…

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