Life of a female Pakistani student in Sweden

Inspiring discussion with two Pakistani students living in Sweden Challenges and opportunities for Pakistani girls in Sweden What skills do you need to learn before you arrive in Sweden? Is education easy or difficult in Sweden as compared to Pakistan? Learning Swedish a good investment or not!
We often get questions from a female student who are interested to come to Sweden…

Questions are often very tricky and range from living conditions, career, part-time job to getting settled. Today we have invited two brilliant female students who are successfully pursuing their education in Sweden. They are doing master in one of the hottest fields of today which is machine learning One by one; who they are, for how long they have been living in Sweden, what are they studying? If they have scholarship or not? How they came to know about Sweden and about the university they are studying at? ….

Part-2 Life and study in Sweden How do they compare life in Sweden compared to Pakistan? If they have gotten acquainted with the climate, and boredom? How do they compare study environment as compared to Pakistan? How much time they have to spend at the university or for the studies? Is there a balance, if they have enough time after studies to do any part time job? …

Part-3 Study and Work (professional and part-time): Practicalities 1. Everyone should make their accounts on the housing websites to be in the queue. Mostly its free of charge except for Stockholm. 2. Its not easy to get a job and its even more difficult to get a work permit so don’t listen to anyone who says”prhai 1 saal baad free hojayegi” 3. Studies are tough so unless ur program is too easy its not possible to manage multiple jobs with studies. 4. One must learn swedish to get a job in restaurants.

Part 4—Guidance for girls 1. It is almost impossible for a girl to earn her fee here. 2. Girls dont have any exclusive jobs… there are same jobs for girls and guys,its up to u how u do it. 3. Learn some skills like applying mehndi and parlor stuff,it can help u in making some money. 4. Very imp point for girls, don’t blindly trust anyone.

Part 5 Guidance for girls *********************** 1. Apply for admission by yourself. a. Application Procedure. b. A guy story who had a bad experience 2. IELTS is not important. 3. Visa interview: if you are a scholarship holder most probably you won’t be having an interview, event if you will interview it’s not hard. 4. Types of scholarships in Sweden. 5. Scholarship is not based on GPA etc it is based on leadership experience, also 2030 agenda volunteer work. 6. Be part of the NFGL network 7. Try to find someone to grab all the nitty-gritty details about that city before coming to Sweden. People are very helpful. 8. Learn Swedish – it will help to increase the opportunities. 9. Participate in the games. Find local groups. 10. Socialize – Very Important. Ask people for guidance. a. Corridor mates, take initiative to talk b. During studies don’t make a group with a single person, try to have different group mates every time. c. 11. Help others, It will eventually be beneficial for you. 12. More importantly study 😀 don’t get distracted..

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