60 PhD, Postdoc and Academic positions in University of Gothenburg

Currently, the following positions are available at University of Gothenburg. This post was created on 2020-12-21.

Project coordinator for Green Economy Policy Development2021-01-21Fixed termPAR 2020/1537
PhD student position in marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning across spatial scales2021-01-17Fixed termPAR 2020/1486
PhD student, Chemical Imaging of Stem Cells and Stress Granules.2021-01-18Fixed termPAR 2020/1524
Doctoral Position in Social Anthropology2021-02-17Fixed termPAR 2020/1529
Doctoral Position in Environmental Social Science2021-02-17Fixed termPAR 2020/1528
Three Doctoral Positions in Peace and Development Research2021-02-17Fixed termPAR 2020/1489
1-2 PhD students in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets2021-01-25Fixed termPAR 2020/1468
Doctoral position within the project AI, the Social Contract and Democracy2021-02-25Fixed termPAR 2020/1522
Doctoral position within the ASILE research project2021-02-25Fixed termPAR 2020/1531
Doctoral student in Health Care Sciences – Quality of life and health after treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm2021-01-11Fixed termPAR 2020/1499
MSCA-Doctoral student in Medical Science – Discovery of biomarkers for infectious disease pathogens2021-02-22Fixed termPAR 2020/1308
PhD position in Medicinal Chemistry2021-02-15Fixed termPAR 2020/1526
Researcher2021-01-12Fixed termPAR 2020/1535
PhD position in Medicinal Chemistry2021-02-15Fixed termPAR 2020/1525
Researcher2021-01-07Fixed termPAR 2020/1510
Doctoral position in Theory of Science2021-03-22Fixed termPAR 2020/1481
Postdoctoral Fellow in experimental cardiovascular research2021-01-07Fixed termPAR 2020/1516
Two doctoral positions in Law2021-02-25Fixed termPAR 2020/1512
Laboratory assistant in applied organic chemistry2021-01-06Fixed termPAR 2020/1393
Postdoctor in Radiation biology2021-01-05Fixed termPAR 2020/1496
PhD student in social work2021-02-14Fixed termPAR 2020/1475
Postdoctoral fellow in Cancer Genomics and Liquid Biopsies2021-01-25Fixed termPAR 2020/1491
Postdoctoral Fellow in microbiota and metabolism2021-01-05Fixed termPAR 2020/1492
Assistant Senior Lecturer in Human Ecology2021-02-08Fixed termPAR 2020/1427
Researcher2021-01-05Fixed termPAR 2020/1498
Doctoral (PhD) Studentship Position in Political Science, specialization: gender in diplomacy2021-02-05Fixed termPAR 2020/1462
Research Assistant2021-01-04Fixed termPAR 2020/1487
Researcher in NMR-Based Structural Biology2021-01-08Fixed termPAR 2020/1396
Postdoctor in Neuroscience2021-01-22Fixed termPAR 2020/1266
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Genetic epidemiology -Familial aggregation of gestational duration2021-01-18Fixed termPAR 2020/1471
PhD student in biochemistry and molecular neuroscience2021-01-15Fixed termPAR 2020/1472
Doctoral (PhD) Studentship Position in Political Science, specialization protected area governance in African countries2021-01-11Fixed termPAR 2020/1457
Doctoral (PhD) Studentship Position in Political Science2021-02-05Fixed termPAR 2020/1453
Doctoral (PhD) Studentship Position in Political Science, specialization Iuropa Research programme on European Judicial Politics2021-02-05Fixed termPAR 2020/1460
Associate senior lecturer in the project AI, the Social Contract and Democracy2021-02-01Fixed termPAR 2020/1478
PhD student in time-resolved protein X-ray crystallography .2021-01-15Fixed termPAR 2020/1467
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Dosimetric uncertainties during radiotherapy2021-01-18Fixed termPAR 2020/1256
Research Assistant in experimental economics2020-12-30Fixed termPAR 2020/1340
Researcher2020-12-30Fixed termPAR 2020/1456
Postdoctoral fellow in RNA Biology with emphasis on miRNAs2020-12-30Fixed termPAR 2020/1454
Associate researcher2020-12-21Fixed termPAR 2020/1452
Visiting lecturer in Economics2020-12-29Fixed termPAR 2020/1428
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Quantum Algorithms for Gene Sequencing and Life Science2021-01-11Fixed termPAR 2020/1353
Researcher2020-12-24Fixed termPAR 2020/1436
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Molecular hematology2020-12-28Fixed termPAR 2020/1364
Researcher in Sociology2021-01-04Fixed termPAR 2020/1218
Doctoral student in Odontological Science – Proteomics of hypomineralized dental enamel2020-12-28Fixed termPAR 2020/1369
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Intestinal microbiota-goblet cell interactions2020-12-28Fixed termPAR 2020/1352
Doctoral student in Medical Science – New CSF biomarkers for frontotemporal dementia2020-12-28Fixed termPAR 2020/1409
Visiting lecturer in Economics2020-12-22Fixed termPAR 2020/1362
Researcher2020-12-21Fixed termPAR 2020/1406
Researcher2020-12-21Fixed termPAR 2020/1333
Lab assistant2020-12-21Fixed termPAR 2020/1328
Postdoctor in deep learning solutions in paleobiology2020-12-21Fixed termPAR 2020/767
Postdoctor in Software Engineering, Blended modelling and software traceability for heterogeneous systems2021-01-05Fixed termPAR 2020/1385
3-6 positions in the PhD Program in Economics2021-02-01Fixed termPAR 2020/1132
Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering2021-01-07Open endedPAR 2020/1349
Statistician to the Department of Political Science and PregDem2021-01-04Open endedPAR 2020/1296
One or several Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Science, with a focus on political behavior and political sociology2021-01-04Fixed termPAR 2020/1297
Professor of Pharmacology2021-01-13Open endedPAR 2020/728
Researcher in Computational Linguistics2021-02-01Open endedPAR 2020/1202
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational linguistics2021-02-01Fixed termPAR 2020/1140
Professor in Social Work2021-01-15Open endedPAR 2020/1156
PhD student in theoretical magnetism and spintronics2020-09-10Fixed termPAR 2020/817
PhD student in theoretical magnetism and spintronics2020-09-10Fixed termPAR 2020/817
Post Doc in Social Work, University of Gothenburg, Department of Social Work2020-08-31Fixed termPAR 2020/866

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